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Navigational Transceiver

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We posted a new article in the Tech Section with another background detail showing the technical challenges of surviving on Mars.

Building the navigational transceiver was an excuse for me to toy with some neat equipment, including an embroidery machine and an automated mill.

To make the device’s controller, I started with an Israeli military magazine pouch, something that might be produced on Mars with hemp product. I wrote the text into a computer file, chose the desired stitching technique and number of stitches, and loaded the file into a Brother brand embroidery machine.

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Homer and Half–Life

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Marc Laidlaw, former writer for the Half–Life game franchise, recently posted a thinly veiled plot summary for the Half–Life 2, Episode 3 that never was. In the wake of the Seven Hour War when alien Combine forces conquered Earth, an untested research vessel known as the Borealis sat in dry dock on the Great Lakes. The Borealis was the culmination of human sciences, beginning with the mastery of gravity in HL2, the manipulation of space in Portal, and finally, time. Continue reading Homer and Half–Life